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Pakistan is a country famous for its own traditions and customs. Itis located in Central Asia and in the view of its climate they have their makeup choices.

Our makeup artists give Pakistani party makeup tips for the makeup beginners. These Pakistani party makeup tips are a must to follow ones and include primer use, moisturizing and cleansing your face plus using sunblock because of the climatic conditions over here.

Party makeup Pakistani look includes 9 glamorous makeup ideas.

  • Engagement
  • Mayun
  • Dholki
  • Mehndi
  • Barat
  • Walima
  • Eid festival makeup look
  • Party makeup Pakistani look

Casual Makeup look 

First of all the Mayun in the wedding event. The Mayun look is a very light one, most of the time the bride does not wear any makeup. At the Dholki event, he bride prefers a very little makeup look because in that function only the bride’s cousins and close friends are invited to have fun with the bride.

Mehndi Makeup Ideas

In the next mehndi event makeup, the bride wears nude makeup or some soft makeup. Normally nude color lipstick is used with a very casual light eyeshadow while some people also use a little pink blush on to give a natural look and complete the mehndi event makeup look.

Barat Bridal Makeup Tips

The Barat event makeup is very special in all looks. In barat usually, the bride wears a red, rust color dress which gives a traditional bride look. The Barat event makeup is kept really bold but notifies that red color eye makeup is avoided in Barat makeup because it really looks odd wearing red eye makeup with the red heavy dress. The crease in the makeup is kept the bright color and blending the other combined color really well extending a little outward from the eye upward so that the eyes look big and bold accompanying with a winged eyeliner defining the eye shape perfectly, also putting on an artificial lash set to make them look heavy. After that, lipstick can be chosen accordingly.

Walima Event Makeup

In the Walima event make up the bride’s makeup is kept the light as compared to the Barat event makeup. Walima event makeup look is the last one of the wedding functions.

Engagement Quick Makeup Guide

For engagement look, girls mostly prefer pastel color dresses, with that color dress mostly soft hue makeup look is perfect with a little glittery makeup eyeshadow and a soft color lipstick.

Eid Easy-To-Do Makeup

The Eid festival no doubt is a special one for us. Eid makeup tips by experts include that the look should be comfortable in every regard. The gold and rose party eye makeup will be perfect. Eid makeup tips include choosing an easy look along with keeping in regard the new trends. In the overall makeup looks the party eye makeup Pakistani look is the most eye-catching and favorite of all one.

Pakistani & Indian Party Makeup

The party makeup look includes some Smokey eyes with glitters. Moreover, it can vary with your dress, maroon, rust or royal blue color can also be perfect for the party look.

A casual makeup look includes a light makeup with a defined liner, a pink blush on and a nude color or any other color lipstick.