How To Do Perfect Lip Makeup and Avoid Common Mistakes


It has been decades that lipstick is the most liked form of makeup Our makeup looks complete when we apply lipstick. But this too is a reality that most of the people can not apply lipstick properly, this, in fact, is an art.

Here are a few hacks and methods which will help apply lipstick perfectly yet quickly, because if you are very well familiar of how to apply it then you can apply it perfectly even when you are in a hurry!

For this

Your lips should be well moisturized

Use a pencil

to define your natural lip line and prevent your lipstick from getting messy, use a good lip liner to define, reshape and perfect the contours of the lips. This way you will achieve a more perfect and polished look

Use a concealer

if you are afraid of discoloration, uneven tone changing before applying your lipstick



Applying lipstick on dried out lips

How to avoid it?

Doing a lip peel prior to applying lipstick

Matte liquid lipstick is incredibly dry in itself there is always a risk of becoming flaky if applied on really dried lips so we should avoid this mistake by keeping our lips moisturized


Drawing an unsymmetrical shape

How to avoid it?

Use a lip pencil to avoid it

Since many of lipsticks are dry we don’t have to shape them right so it is wise to outline your lips first and then quickly just fill them up with your favorite lip color.


Pressing lips together too soon after applying

How to avoid?

Let top and bottom lip dry separately.

For premier formulas it is perfectly fine to do so but for liquid lipstick which comes mostly in darker shades, lipstick becomes patchy, the reason is that liquid lipsticks require a few seconds to dry out so we should apply such lipsticks separately on both the lips, so that it gets sufficient time to dry out .


Apply too much product

How to avoid?

Use fingers rather than a wand to correct most people complain about the really dry feeling that matte liquid lipstick leaves but to be fair a lot of people simply apply a lot of product.

When you apply a lot of product you really are not doing oneself favor! So should use a finger to blend our lipstick.


Removing liquid lipstick with rather a force

How to avoid?

Use Vaseline, coconut oil or olive oil Apply some oil or Vaseline a leave it on your lips for a while, then after sometime clean it off. You surely won’t need to apply rough force.

So these were the mistakes and ways to avoid them, if we would use these tricks then our lip makeup will surely not be a problem for us and you will be able to give a complete look to your makeup.

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