Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

As you enter this website, you agree to the following privacy policy statement of StyleNStylu.Com

When you visit this site, some of your data is recorded. It may include but might not be limited to your browsing details and your navigation. We are committed to keeping the data of our visitors protected, and we have deployed appropriate security protocols to assure that your data is safe and secure. We respect the privacy of our visitors and take the necessary steps to ensure that their identity and information is kept hidden from prying eyes.

Using cookies

The primary source with which we collect your data is cookies. A cookie is a small file that gets stored on your browser. It records the data and details which helps us in analyzing the web traffic and assists us in knowing about your interests as well as how users navigate through our website.

As your details are stored on cookies, and the website knows about your preferences, the cookies interact with backend data to assure that the relevant information is displayed in front of you. It is to enhance your browsing experience and ensure that you get what you are looking for. Primarily, it is to know how a website is performing, analyzing the web traffic and its actions, and understanding about the preferences of a person.

The cookies play an essential role in the development of a website and its relation with the user. The better a website knows a user, the more useful it can be for him or her. Cookies play the middleman role between the website and the user. They allow the website to know about a user so that the site can display data according to the interest of an individual. Moreover, it will enable the web owners and developers to enhance a website craft it according to the taste of its visitors.

Deleting the cookies and turning them off

If you don’t want your data to be collected this way or your cookies to be stored on your drive, you can turn them off in your browser settings. Go to your browser settings, and you will find an option to remove all the cookies. It will delete the cookies and data that might have been collected. Also, you can turn the cookies off, and this option is also given in your browser settings. However, it may cause some websites to misbehave or act inappropriately.

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