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Pakistani & Indian Charming Engagement Dresses

Being committed to someone is a very beautiful feeling. Every girl desires to be committed with a lovely ring on her finger. That,s called engagement. Engagement dress is very significant as it is a point of focus for the guests and hence considered as a pre-wedding function.

It’s up to the bride which type of engagement dress she would like to wear. She can wear a maxi, maxi style gowns, short frocks, gharara or lehenga or any other dress. So, for now we will discuss the 9 charming Pakistani engagement dresses.


Choosing a lehenga for your 1st pre-wedding function is a very significant choice. You will surely have an idea of how you will look in a lehenga.

engagement lehenga dress

Pakistani engagament Lehenga designs are not just for the brides but you can also wear them on your engagement, Eid Milan parties and other gatherings.

Stitching style dress

You can go for a stitching style dress on your engagement. Stitching style dresses include churidar pyjama with a long or short kurta. It will look very decent on the engagement.

Short or long frocks

If you want to look more highlighted on your engagement. The frocks of any length are the best option for you in lighter shades.

short frock design for engagement dress

Do not choose any random dress to keep in mind the trends of the modern era. The bride will look extremely ravishing in the frocks on her engagement dress.

Maxi dresses

Full-length maxi dresses are one of the favourite dresses around the world.

Pakistani Engagement Maxi Dress

Upon looking on the latest trends in the market engagement dresses designed by pakistani designers we have tailed maxi,s, straight ones and the one,s with open fronts. Women’s are trying a new combination which we thought were risky.

Anarkali gowns

One latest style which is being worn for many years but has been recently enhanced by Pakistani dress designers for engagement is Anarkali gown.

anarkali gown for engagement

Anarkali gown is a very beautiful umbrella type of dress. To give the most traditional look it is worn with a churidar pajama and gives a proper shape to the can design it in many ways.

Long frock dresses

long frock design for engagement

Most of the brides get confused about what they should try on their engagement. The Long frock dresses are trending a lot these days. Long frock dress in a light color with heavy embroidery on the borders will look very stunning on the engagement.

Gharara with a Short Kurti

It is a traditional engagement outfit mainly consisting of wide-legged fitted trousers from waist till knee with a short Kurti over it.

Gharara with a Short Kurti

Gharara is the most outfit to be worn on the engagement. Over the passing years, many gharara styles have been evolving around in the fashion industry. wearing beautiful gharara on your engagement will leave everyone talking about your dress for many days.

Short shirt with a straight trouser

Brides who want to make their engagement dresses light and breezy. They can wear an embroidered shirt of medium length with a straight trouser below it.

Floral gown

floral gowns for engagement

The light pink floral gown is an ideal dress one would wear on their engagement day. This dress will look exceptionally eye-catching and astonishing on the,s a tasteful alternative to be worn on the engagement day.


Unlike marriage engagement also holds a special place in the life of the bride and groom. Based on its specialty the dress has to be special as well. It should leave a mark.