Quick Eye Makeup Tricks & Ideas For Events

How to do quick eye makeup for events

The most important and well we can say the tricky part of your makeup is Eye makeup. Eye makeup is definitely gorgeous to look at.

Those popping colors, eye-catching shimmers, and soothing dewy looks. Well, who don’t want these beautiful colors on her eyes?

But, busy women of these days who’ve to go for work or manage their household, rarely have enough time to stand in front of the mirror for hours and have a brilliant look.

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But, we have some beautiful looks for you ladies which merely will take 5 minutes of yours and here you go. Splendid eyes within minimum time. There are several looks you can go for

Navy Smoky Eye Makeup Ideas

Are you looking for some gorgeous smoky makeup which is meant to take hours of struggle?

Naah! Here’s an easy way to get your gorgeous navy smoky look.


  1. Apply the base colour, apply a pencil eyeliner of black colour on the edge and smudge it with a dark navy eye shade keeping it to the edge.
  2. Then apply eyeliner, put some mascara and there you go!
Navy smoky eye makeup

Smudge Eyeliner Look

Eyeliners always play as a game changer in your makeup. A good eyeliner and rock the whole look! We all know putting simple eyeliner can make you look gorgeous.


  1. Take a black eyeliner to draw the line from the corner of your eyes to the edge.
  2. Once done, apply a beautiful born pencil liner on the top of the liner and smudge it gently. Apply mascara and here you go.


Smudge eyeliner look

Dewy Eye Makeup for Morning Events

Planning for a day event with elegant dewy eye makeup within less time. No worries at all! There’s a simple less time consuming dewy eye makeup.


  1. Prime your eyes, apply a base colour, fill the edge with peachy pink eyeshade.
  2. Smudge a light black shade in it. Fill the mid with the golden plain eyeshade.
  3. Apply the peachy pink eyeshade to the lower lid fill the corners with the popping gold eyeshade to give it a more prominent look.
  4. Apply mascara or fake lashes if you’ve time.
Dewy eye makeup

Popping Eyeliner For Club Events

Having a day event or night party and no time to do eye makeup? We got you. Popping eyeliner never misses a hit to make you look like a rock star.

There is a variety of eyeliner colour you can choose according to your dress.


  1. All you need to do is select the colour you like draw sharp edge line from the corner of your eyes extending to the edge.
  2. And here you rock the look!
  3. Else you can also mix 2 or more colours be careful about the smudging. Don’t smudge them too much that they look bad.
Popping eyeliner

Shimmery Eye Makeup Ideas

Shimmers never miss a hit to make you look gorgeous. Shimmery eyes never fail to impress people out there. And it does not take a lot more time of yours too.


  1. All you need is clean your brown, prime your eyes, apply basic colour, take a light brownish colour and fill it in your lid.
  2. Take a more brownish shade and fill the corner of your eyes. Apply the center shimmery shade.
  3. Fill the corner of your eyes with shimmer gold apply thin liner and apply some mascara and here you go! Beautiful shimmery eyes.

There are hundreds of more beautiful looks you can have in less time which will make you look gorgeous and stunning too.

Shimmery eye makeup
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