Best Bridal Makeup South Asia India Pakistan Ideas 2019


Marriage is a whole pack of happiness, sadness, excitement and definitely the craziness of clothes, jewelry and the most important thing bridal makeup.

Bridal makeup is considered to be the most important thing in the event. And when it especially comes to South Asia makeup is something more than makeup.

The popping colors, the glitters and everything makes a girl look like a princess.

Which should be this way as it is her big day of life. Makeup trends keep changing every year. Each year bridal makeup trends come with some more beautiful looks.

In this year of 2019, we have some beautiful and adorable bridal makeup trends to show you.

Best Bridal Shower Makeup Ideas

A new trend this year has successfully set. Which is the bridal shower of the bride to be with her beautiful bridesmaid?

The whole look of the bride to be is set in an adorably cute way. With light shimmery eye shades, some peachy pink lip colors, peachy blush on with long maxi gowns. As to give the girl a pre-married girly look.

Mehndi Makeup Ideas India Pakistan:

The most enjoyable function with dances and music is the mehndi function. Where the theme is kept natural or light makeup.

With big false lashes, thick beautiful liner, single golden cream eyeshade, pink to peach lipstick and definitely peachy blush on. To give a perfect pre-marriage natural look to the bride to be a

Barat Bridal Makeup Pakistan India

In South Asia, the actual bride day is considered as the Barat day. Where the makeup is called the actual bridal makeup. In 2019, many trends have got changed. Like the traditional red colour, the dress is started to abandon.

Red lips and golden smoky eye shades are somehow started to decline. Rather then, the silvery eye looks, the shimmery eye looks with smoky edges have started with which hot pink to dark peach

colored lipsticks are being used. Full coverage base, big false lashes, thin liner, full contoured face and pink blush on.

However, the traditional themes are also in trend too. With some modification to the makeup with dark maroon to dark red lips, shimmery gold brown eyeshade, full contoured face, big false lashes are kept.

The bridal makeup varies from person to person depending on what kind of look they want. Even in some weddings, a new trend has also started where white Christian bride theme opts.

White gown with dewy makeup to look exactly how the Christian brides look. Simple but elegant.

Amazing Walima Makeup Ideas

The whole look from this look is tried to kept more modern and stylish than the others. The hairstyle is set more stylish as the head is not covered with the Dupatta this day. The dress is selected in peach,

cream, silver or pistachio color. With accordance to that, the eye shades are kept more dewy or shimmery. The lipsticks are more to pink in shades and the contour is kept lighter than the Barat look. With big beautiful false lashes and long edged liner.

Wedding Makeup Ideas

Moreover, the other trends in this day look are to keep the eyes look more prominent with smoky edges and brownish eyeshades with pink lipsticks. The totally pink shimmery eye shades are also the trend of 2019  bridal makeup. Which definitely gives more girly and Barbie look to the beautiful bride.

Things are definitely as accordance with the color and style of the dress. Which play a main role in the whole makeup look.

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