10 Most Important Things We Must Consider for Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup Ideas for Pakistani & Indian Brides
Bridal Makeup Ideas for Pakistani & Indian Brides

Are you looking for the best makeover for your big day of life? Yes, you need to find the best makeup artist for your marriage day. Some important things we must consider for bridal makeup. Without these things, bridals do not look stylish and attractive. You must come over on style n stylu for best bridal makeup.

Makeup artists in Pakistan

A wide range of makeup artists is available in Pakistan. You can get your makeover by any one of these. Some of us prefer to get a makeover by ourselves. While others prefer to get it by makeup artist. The selection of makeup artists is not difficult now. In Pakistan, very famous bridal makeup artists are available like The Kashee’s, Madiha’s, Musarrat Misbah, Natasha Khalid, and many others.

Makeup artists in Pakistan
Makeup artists in Pakistan

Makeup by Kashee’s

Makeover by Kashif Aslam is considered one of the best makeup in Pakistan. He is famous for his ever unique hairstyling and eye makeup. He is famous for hair extension in short hair.

Makeup by Nabila

She is one of the best makeup artists in Pakistan. She is famous for her stylish makeover. You can get a stylish look with unique and flawless eyes makeup. She takes care of day and night makeup looks.

Tips for Pakistani Bridal makeup

Different things we must consider while applying makeup. Here we discuss that pre and pro bridal makeup products application.

Beautiful bridal makeup
Beautiful bridal makeup

Application of moisturizer

Before the application of base and any other product application, you should wash your face and then apply moisturizer. It will help you to take a fresh look, and makeup retains makeup for hours. We will recommend moisturizers of Unique and Biotique. These are considered best for face fresh look.

Application of primer

After applying moisturizer, you should apply primer on skin before makeup products application. Primer smooths your skin by filling pores of the skin. It will make your skin smooth and finishes lines. Your makeup looks flawless with the application of primer. NYX professional studio primer is considered the best for the skin.

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Applying foundation

After applying pre-makeup products like primer and moisturizer, you need to apply foundation. Foundation selection depends on the skin type. It ranges from dark to white skin color. Itis a base for your skin. L’Oreal Paris foundation is recommended for the skin to stay 24 hours.

Concealer application

Apply concealer on dark spots and circles to get smooth skin after applying foundation. You can conceal your blemishes and dark spots on face by concealer.


Apply blush on the apple of the cheeks. It will make your face natural and glowing. It helps to enhance the makeup look. Maybelline blush is recommended for every skin type.

Eye makeup for Pakistani Dulhan

Eye makeup for Pakistani Dulhan

Eyes makeup essentials include eyeshadow pallet, liner, kajal, and eyebrow pencil. You can Smokey, shimmery, and simple eyes makeup according to your dress. Bridal can get eye makeup according to their events like Valima and Barat. Mascara application is important for eye enhancement.

Lip Balm and lipstick

You can take light and dark lipstick based on your event. On Valima, light lipstick is applied. On Barat, dark lipstick can be applied for bridals.

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