5 Easy-To-Do Makeup Tips for Eid, Mehndi, Barat, Valima, and Parties Quickly

Easy and Quick Makeup Tips
Easy and Quick Makeup Tips

You can do your makeup quickly by using some tips. These tips can help you in preparing yourself for an event quickly. Most of the women go salons for getting a good makeover and spend many hours.

Easy to do makeup tips
Easy to do makeup tips

They might be late for attending the event. Here we discuss some easy tips for getting ready on events.


You can do makeup quickly and flawlessly when you hydrate your skin. It helps you in applying base or foundation quickly on the skin. For hydrating skin, you should apply moisturizer on the skin.

girl applying moisturizer

You can also use a primer with moisturizer for doing smooth makeup. You should select a moisturizer of a good company like L’Oreal. Moisturizer should be applied in high quantity on dry skin for flawless makeup.

Most of the time of makeup spends on preparing skin for better application of makeup products.


You need to use concealer on the skin for hiding dark spots. It will make your skin smooth. All types of skin spots can be hidden through the concealer. It will make you look more attractive.

You should apply it quickly to get ready at home. You can get ready without any help from others if you have the proper knowledge and some basic tips for doing makeup. This product enhances your skin features.

You should choose the color of the concealer that matches your skin color. You have to apply it on dark circles of eyes. If you apply it in white color, then it will look awkward. You should blend it lightly. You can remove blemish through the concealer.

The use of concealer helps you in different ways for the application of products.

Application of shimmery eyes base

You can choose a shimmery base for your eyes. It will make you look attractive at events like Mehndi, Barat, and Eid. The liquid eye base is trending nowadays. You should select trendy makeup products for events.

It will help you get ready quickly. You can select eyeshades matched to your dress. It will make you attractive to others.

Apply eyeliner and mascara

After the application of eyeshades, you need to apply eyeliner. If you apply eyeliner smoothly, then you can hide some mistakes of eyeshades application. It helps you to get ready quickly.

girl doing eye makup
girl doing eye makup

Eye makeup contains the application of three basic products. These products include eyeshades, eyeliner, and mascara. You can add some other things if you want to enhance your features. But other things are not essential.

Mascara makes your eyes attractive if you apply it gently. You can select lenses for eye features enhancement.

Applying Lipstick 

girl applying lipstick
girl applying lipstick

The selection of lipstick depends on the event on which you are going. You’re making up look depends on lipstick selection. You can select light color lipstick on Eid and Valima. Dark lipsticks can be applied to events like Mehndi and Barat.

Other makeup products will look perfect if you select lipstick color properly.

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