Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for Barat and Valima

Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for Barat and Valima
Pakistani Bridal Eye Makeup Ideas for Barat and Valima

Bridal eye makeup contains things that are not found in simple party makeup. Some extended tips are used in Bridal makeup. Barat and Walima are days of bridal. She needs to look perfect on her special days. It is possible if makeup products are gently applied to her face. Poor makeup can destroy the charm of function for bridal. She loses attraction if makeup is not well.

Bridal makeup tips

There are some basic things that need to know for makeup application. A simple party makeup includes things that are easy to apply.

You can apply some shimmers on bridal eye makeup. Makeup on the eye depends on eye type.

Some of you may have small eyes, while others may have large eyes. Makeup depends on the eye type that you have.

Red bridal eye makeup

It is because of the reason that some type of makeup helps to enlarge eyes while others help to look your eyes short.

Eye makeup material

Fundamental things that you need for bridal make up include eyeliner, eye shadow, eyelashes, and mascara.

You need to use these things gently for bridal eye makeup. Eye makeup types may include shimmery, Smokey, and simple eye makeup.

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This kind of makeup depends on the dress and jewelry that the bride wears. You can use lenses for an attractive bridal look.

Single, double, or more shades can be used for eye makeup, depending on the demand for bridal.

Wedding experts recommend using eyeliner of different shades other than black. They recommend it because they say that eyes do not look dramatic in this way. Most importantly, this matches your skin and eyes look bigger.

You should try to use grey or brown eyeliner on the upper and lower side of the eyes for attractive loot.

Light bridal makeup for fair skin

In this bridal makeup, heavy eye shades have been used. These heavy shades help to look eyes heavy for a bridal look.

Most importantly, the application of eyeliner is in an arch. Eyes look bigger and prominent in this way. These eyes suit if your eyes have small eyes.

This make-up can be suggested for Barat.

Light eye shadow Pakistani bridal makeup


This kind of light shades on eyes is suitable for the function of Valima and mehndi. Heavy colors of shades are not used for Mehndi and Walima.

It depends on the color of the dress and jewelry. On Valima, the light color dress is selected for bridal wear.

Bridal Eye Makeup for Walima

This elegant Walima eye makeup looks attractive for bridal. Mascara application is in a decent way and not so heavy. Eyeliner is applied in a thin layer and not extended at the corner of the eyes. This kind of eyeliner is applied when bridal has large and prominent eyes.

Glittery Bridal Eye Makeup

Glitter has been used in this Walima eye makeup. Bridal eyes are neither so large, not too short. That is why the mascara application is in a thin layer. A thick layer of eyeliner may look eyes bigger and awkward despite having large eyes. Bridal looks gorgeous in this bridal makeup on Walima.


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