How To Do Nail Art Quick and Easy

How To Do Nail Art Quick and Easy
How To Do Nail Art Quick and Easy


Nail paints can be applied to nails in different shapes. These nail arts look attractive on your hands.

You can do this at various events. It is not important to do in any big event only. You can apply these nail arts in your daily routine, either you are a business or job woman.

Colorful shades can be used on nails for doing attractive nail arts.

Instructions for doing nail art

You can do nail art at home, as well. For applying nail paints at home, you need to follow some simple instructions. There are no hard and fast rules for applying simple nail paints. But for doing proper nail art, you have to follow some tips.

You need to apply a base coat on nails before starting nail art.

White nail paint will be applied to nails as a base. You can get inspiration for nail art through different websites online.

Flawless nail art can only be applied by practice. After applying the base, you can select a color for doing paint on nails.

The material of nail art


There are some basic things which you need to do nail art. This basic material includes nail paint shades, paintbrushes, cotton swab, and nail paint remover.

These basic things are essential for doing nail art flawlessly.

You can make the contrast of different colors for applying nail paint in this way. Floral, zigzag and other random designs are available to do nail art on nails.

fully sequinned nail art

This kind of nail art can be applied to nails easily. You can use a brush to do this flawlessly. One of the main things is that you should use a thin brush for neatness. Nail looks attractive only when it looks neat and clean.

A combination of white and red has been used in the nail art of the above picture.

Black and White Nail Art

Zebra Nail manicure

This nail art contains shimmer or glitter. You can apply glitter on nails for a shiny look. On base, you can use white nail paint.

After applying the base, you can add glitter in different colors in it. You can add colors of your choice as well.

You can also make some star or floral paints before or after applying glitter. In this above picture, the whole nail is covered with glitter.

You can select a specific area of the nail for glitter application, and the rest of the area can be filled with some other simple nail paint.

Punk Style Hippie Nail Black Wave Pattern

Zigzag paint looks attractive on hands. You can apply it gently on nails. This kind of nail art contains zigzag prints in black and white color combination.

Colorful Nail Art Design

It looks simple but attractive. The upper end of nails is covered with zig-zag print. It can be applied with a brush if you can make it perfect.

painterly prints nail art

This nail art is not so difficult to apply. It does not require a thin brush. You can do it with simple nail paint. Black nail polish has been used in this nail art. After performing black nail art, you need to apply finisher for shinny and perfect look.

This nail art contains floral and lining print. It looks attractive when you compete for this gently. It requires some essential techniques for application. DIY nail arts can be created in this way. They can be applied by using some specific brushes and things like laces, buttons, etc.

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