How to Select the Best Bridal Outfit to Wear on Walima

Pakistani walima maxi design
Pakistani walima maxi design

The selection of bridal outfit is one of the most time taking work on the marriage. Bridal mostly confused about the selection of her outfit for her big day. She thinks many things for her outfit on Barat, Mehndi & Walima.

A wide range of selection is available in the market and online. If you are confused about your big day, then go for taking ideas on social media magazines.

It will help you to find it easily according to your criteria for bridal wear.

Bridal outfit selection

A lot of designers are available who select a theme for different events of marriage for bridal. They prefer to select a different design every day. You can wear gharara or sharara on mehndi.

Lehenga Designs

Lehnga can also be selected for the bridal outfit. It depends on the bride who carries it according to her preference. Some designs are carried easily, while others are difficult to carry for bridal.

Tips for selection of Bridal Outfit

Some functions are limited to certain colors selection. For example, you can select a yellow, green, or orange color for mehndi outfit.

Bridal Outfit
Bridal Outfit

For Walima, you can select different light colors. A wide range of colors is available for Valima’s outfit. Red or any other dark color is selected for the function of Barat for bridal.

Color selection is limited, but design selection is wide. You can wear lehenga or gharara on Mehndi. Other styles can also be selected according to designer selection. You can choose a designer for your marriage outfit selection.

Walima outfit selection

Valima is an event at which the bride has a choice to select a color and design that suits her. She can choose her favorite color and work for this day. Skin, grey, light pink, and this kind of other colors can be selected for Walima outfit. Lehnga, frocks, and saree can be worn on this day.

Pakistani walima maxi design
Credits: MAHA Photography

The most prevailing outfit for Walima is a selection of maxi nowadays. Many designs are available in this design. It looks gorgeous on the bride. Pearl’s work can be used on this dress design. It looks stylish and fashionable. With this outfit, bridal can wear jewelry in light colors.

Long trial dresses are mostly worn by bridal these days. Bridal looks like a princess in this long trial dress.

Latest Pakistani Valima outfit

There are some latest Walima outfits for bridal in Pakistan. Here we discuss some of these.

Combination of Silver with your desired color

You can select your favorite color with a grey or silver color combination. This combination gives an elegant look on your big day.

Pakistani Silver bridal dress design

It looks good on all skin complexions. You do not need to worry about your dark color if you are selecting this color for your big day.

Gold color

The bride looks attractive in this color. She shines on Walimawith this color dress. Jewelry and make up grooms her personality with a golden dress. You can wear a maxi in this color. Lehnga, Gharara, and sharara are mostly worn by Pakistani bridal.

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