4 Latest Bridal Dresses Color Combinations in 2020

4 Latest Bridal Dresses Color Combinations in 2020
4 Latest Bridal Dresses Color Combinations in 2020

Wedding dresses are the most important aspect of any wedding and in order to look as stunning as possible, it is very important not only to be adorned in the most beautiful style of dress, but also to choose a color combination that combines elegance with glamor.

Traditionally, for Pakistani bridal dresses, red has been for barat bridal dress design, lighter shades for walima bridal dress and yellow for mehndi event. Even if you want to adhere to these traditional colors, you can create unique color combinations to stand out.

4 latest bridal dresses color combination

Bridal dresses color combination with red

Red has always been a symbol of love and has thus been the most commonly worn color not only on the barat function but on other days too.

Gold and Red Net Tail Jacket Bridal Dress Design
Gold and Red Net Tail Jacket Bridal Dress Idea

Bridal dresses color combination with red can be with a range of other colors, like dull gold in this one. Here, the intricate and heavy embroidery and designing all over the maxi style looks marvelous. Red gives the dress a stunning look that many other colors cannot achieve.

Pink color combination for Pakistani bridal dresses

Barat bridal dress design is usually lehngas or maxis. These styles of dresses can also go perfectly with a pink color scheme.

Bride sitting in Pink dress
Pink and red bridal dress design color combination

Much like red, this color is also ideal for an event based around feelings of love and happiness. Pink can be coupled with any other color. Bridal dresses Pakistani women go for are traditionally plain pink or paired with golden, but to stand out you can unique color combination. Here the dress uses a completely different color –orange –that is not usually paired with pink.

Green bridal dresses

Different shades of green exist but the best ones out there are the darker tones. It is so because with a dark base, your jewelry and the embroidery will be more prominent.

Green Bridal Dress Design Idea for 2020
Green Bridal Dress Design Idea for 2020

Pair this royal shade with golden and you will have a totally glamorous bridal dress for your wedding. In this color combination, the bridal dresses Pakistani women choose are in a lighter green shade for walima bridal dress but for wedding or mehndi, dark green would look better.

Blue color combination for bridal dresses in Pakistan

Designer Blue Color Bridal Dress
Designer Blue Color Bridal Dress

Another very beautiful shade for a wedding in Pakistan is blue. Royal blue, like in this lehnga style bridal dress, will give you a royal look. Pair it with the right color, like silver in this case, and you can give a grand look to your wedding dress. Navy or royal blue although less common in Pakistani brides, looks gorgeous.

Thus, whichever color you choose for your special day, with the right combination, any shade can look glamorous.

Despite the traditional associations of red with barat, gray or white on walima and yellow on mehndi function, you can opt to go for different shades. Being different is not wrong.

You can achieve a beautiful look by going for unique color combination, or you could reflect your traditional shades in your bridal dresses, it is up to you.

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