10 Top Favorite Bridal Sharara Designs

10 Top Favorite Bridal Sharara Designs
10 Top Favorite Bridal Sharara Designs

This article enlists top 10 most famous and favorite sharara designs for bridals. Sharara is a traditional dress that’s loved to wear in countries like India and Pakistan as they are the most culturally strong countriesFollowing mentioned is the list of most famous bridal sharara dresses with bridal sharara images of current year:

  1. Tail sharara

    tail sharara design

This is one of the most loved and latest bridal sharara designs of all time. In the dress, sharara has been stitched with the long tail that will be dragged by the floor. You can either try a long or a short shirt with this type of sharara.

  1. Three layers sharara with short shirt

three layer sharara design for bridal wear

This three layer muslim bridal sharara can be made with one color tone or you can try different colors in several layers of the sharara to make it wonderful to look. Using a short dress with this type of sharara enhances the beauty of dress, you can try a long shirt too if you want. This is one of the famous bridal dresses for you to try on your big day.

  1. Sharara and open shirt

bridal sharara and open shirt

This is one of the latest but famous bridal sharara designs with an open shirt on its top. Open shirts have always been in fashion and if they are properly stitched, they look really awesome. Open shirts normally are made with the two shirts and the upper shirt is made more attractive by adding bit of details in it.


  1. Farshi Sharara

bridal farshi sharara

Farshi sharara is somehow similar to the farshi lehnga and it has always been the first choice of women to wear on their weddings. Normally this type of Indian sharara is worn with a short shirt and furshi shararas are wider than the usual ones.

  1. Sharara with Anarkali choli

bridal sharara with anarkali choli

This is one of the nice, decent and traditional sharara designs for bridals. Ankghrakha skirts have always been in trend but wearing a long anarkali cholli with a wide sharara looks the best.

  1. Long choli with sharara

bridal long choli with heavy sharara

This is a simple sharara dress similarly like a lehnga but it’s a bit wider. You can wear any type of long straight choli with a sharara of your favorite color. Bridal red sharara is recommended is you are going to wear it on your barat.

  1. Sharara with open coat shirt

bridal open coat shirt with sharara

In bridal sharara dresses, open coat shirts are very in trend. A simple sharara with a coat styled stitched shirt is something you must be looking to wear on your wedding. The coat shirt is similar to a coat having a border on it.

  1. Short choli and sharara

Short choli and sharara

This is one of the most common and trendiest bridal dresses for women. This Muslim bridal sharara is famous for its decent appeal and style.

  1. Modern walima sharara

modern walima sharara

This is the latest sharara design that is currently the top most choice in sharara designs for bridals. This sharara dress is made keeping the light dress walima theme in mind.

  1. Long choli with heavy sharara

bridal long choli with sharara

This outfit has been fashion for last three years and it looks simply awesome in tall heights. Its one of the most liked Indian sharara designs.


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