Top 10 Designers for Bridal Wear in Pakistan

Top 10 Designers for Bridal Wear in Pakistan
Top 10 Designers for Bridal Wear in Pakistan

Designing bridal dresses is a much harder task than designing any other piece of clothing. Bridal wear is not just about making the bride look stunning, but also about keeping in line with the traditions of that time.

It is about having the right combination of knowledge and skill to be able to make a dress that stands out in the miscellaneous collection of bridal wear dresses to choose from.

Bride and groom in traditional dress
Bride and groom in traditional dress

It is only the best designer who is able to incorporate both delicate beauty and cultural styles in the dress. In order to get the best dress there is, one must know which designer to trust.

The top ten designers for bridal wear in Pakistan

  1. HSY

HSY is one of the most popular designers in Pakistan. Their unique collection of jamawar, chiffon, velvet, silk and georgette combined with their intricate designing with cutwork, banarsi, zari, dabka and pearls results in absolutely jaw-dropping bridal wear dresses.

  1. Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari’s work definitely stands out among the other designers. Their uniquely crafted designs are worth every dime. Nomi’s latest work includes multi-layered lehengas, and heavily designed gowns.

Red designer bridal dress design for Pakistani Bridal
Red designer bridal dress design for Pakistani Bridal
  1. Umar sayeed

Umar sayeed’s work is always different from the rest. Always thinking out of the box, he creates bridal dresses unlike any other designer. His latest collection has a range of unique colors from magenta to pista green.

  1. Karma

Kaheen kardar, karma’s designer knows how to come up with clothes that turn heads. Her bridal collection includes a range of deigns from saris to lehengas.

  1. Mehdi

Beginning his career with bridal dresses, he has by now earned his place in the top ten best designers for bridal wear in Pakistan. His design are always bold and his dresses always worthy of praise.

Bride in designer dress by Maria B
Bride in designer dress by Maria B
  1. Deepak perwani

Deepak perwani’s dresses are known for their elegance and glamor. These dresses are elegantly designed and have amazing color schemes. You will find all colors form peach to bold red.

  1. Maria B

Maria B’s collection always makes it to the best bridal designer list. Her collection is closest to the dreams of a bride who favors deeply traditional clothes.

  1. Afia and Nabeel

They give simplicity a new look. The glamor of these dresses is in their uniquely soft beauty. Known for creating stunning contrasts like light faun coupled with crimson red, these dresses are sure to make the bride look memorable.

Bridal Dress Design Idea
Bridal Dress Design Idea
  1. Sana Hashwani and Sana Muneer (Sana Safinaz)

Sana Safinaz is popular for their intricate embellishment and glamorous designing of zari, dabka, zardozi and cut work.

  1. Fahad Hussayn

Lastly, we have Fahad Hussayn, who also is worth all the praise. His work has a range of colors including purple, rust, orange, pink and hazel with perfect color schemes, and this very skill to blend different colors perfectly makes him famous.

These are the designers in Pakistan who you can trust with your bridal dresses. You can sit back and relax while they design for you glamorous dresses that will surely leave the crowds gawking in awe.


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