10 Best Mehndi Brands for Bride Hands in Pakistan and India

Dark Arabic Mehndi Design
Dark Arabic Mehndi Design

Wedding days are special all over the world. Traditional weddings include more detailed than other weddings. Before the bride gets ready for its special day there is the major factor every bride has to go through happily.

Yes putting mehndi on her hands. It has even been given a separate day like mehndi function or Mayon on where the bride sits and friends of her or mehndi experts put mehndi or her hands.

As much as mehndi admired for its designs, Mehndi colors matters allot. How dark the mehndi shade is. Sometimes brides want it red some blood or some even go for black color. Well, not all the colors can be achieved by a single cone.

Mehndi brands

Mehndi designs are much more beautiful if it leaves a darker shade. Many brands around the world especially make cone mehndi for bridals. They can purchase in the market or even online mehndi selling is also is hype. We would mention some of the best mehndi brands for bridal


Henna with natural herbs are more effecting on the skin then the one with chemicals and so is the brand of golecha henna cones. It is made of natural herbal leaves having no side effects or allergies. They even come in black shade of golecha black henna cones.


It is clump-free henna which ensures fineness is lined with dark maroon red color. They are not very expensive for your wedding budget.

Shehnaz Hussain

Though it’s a packet-based henna brand if you are totally out of budget and you don’t have time to search for cones, this is the option for you. As it’s in a packet, with its burgundy result color you can also apply it on your hair.

Expert trader’s mehndi cone

These cones are with very pointy ends that can help in making fine line designs smoothly.

Prem Dulhan mehndi cone

It’s a kind of henna that when peeled off will give you typical orange stain but within 24 hours the color will get darker

Neha mehndi cone

It’s a nozzle attached mehndi cone which is very easy to use and gives you best results

Zeenat cone

Zeenat cone is a special henna designed particularly for brides. It’s a Pakistani brand that can be purchased online as well.


It’s a Karachi based mehndi brand. It comes with a natural stain with no side effects at all. Easy to peel off. minimum application time is 6 to 8 hours. The color comes out best within 24 to 48 hours.


It’s an organic cone with no artificial additives. It gives you the best results in minimum time and it has plenty of best reviews.

To get the best stain out of your best brand

There are some natural remedies for our beautiful brides to get a darker tone of their henna. These will help out

  • Put oil on it to easily remove it
  • Mix lemon juice and sugar
  • Cloves steam will give even a darker shade of henna

More Bride Mehndi Designs for All

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