Latest Mehndi Designs Trending For Eid, Wedding & Other Events

Latest mehndi designs trending for events

Women have lots of stuff to do before the arrival of an event. The dress, shoes, perfect makeup, hairstyle, nail colour and oh! Am I forgetting something? Mehndi or Heena the most important thing without it your preparation for the event won’t be complete.

Yes, If you’re a Pakistani or Indian especially you can’t go without a beautiful Latest simple Mehndi design for hands or feet.

Due to its importance to events and people’s likeness toward it, there is a huge range of beautiful and mind-blowing artistic Mehndi designs.

There’s a Mehndi design available for each kind of likeness people have for their Mehndi designs. Here we will let you know some of the beautiful designs we have for you.

Arabic Mehndi For Hands Images 2019

Mehndi definitely is a part of Arabic culture. And therefore, it does vary according to the country you’re living in.

Their arabic designs have specifically gaps in them. Or we can say they have more free space in their designs. Which is the elegant beauty of simple Arabic Mehndi designs?

StyleNStylu.comOr these specific country’s designs can be opted by other country people depending upon their likeness. Arab people have some very fine and elegant Mehndi designs.

Indian Mehndi Designs & Images 2019 – 2020

Indians have immense love for Mehndi. Their Mehndi designs are so magnificent and appealing that one can’t take her eyes off from them.

Indian Mehndi designs unlike that of Arabic Mehndi designs are more filling.

There’s little or possibly no empty spaces left out. And that’s the beauty of their designs. You will come to see minor and beautiful details in their Mehndi design Ideas.

Pakistani Mehndi Design & Ideas for Eid

When we talk about Pakistani culture because of its history with India and Arabs there is an intermixed design of Pakistani mehndi.

But the cultural Mehndi designs for Hands and Feet of Pakistan is that circular designs which are commonly known as “tikki” with additional beautiful designing added to it. Therefore, there’s a whole beautiful range of mehndi designs in Pakistani culture.

Moreover, when talking about Pakistani cultural Mehndi designs. The designs are never completed without adding that beetle leaf design. Which is definitely the prettiest thing in the mehndi to look at.

Palm Design Henna Ideas 2019 2020

There’s a beautiful range of palm designs. Why go for palm designs? Definitely, the colour on palm comes prettiest than on any other part.

But there is a problem with it too. As it has some more chances of your beautiful mehndi design to smudge. So be careful about it. Palm designs vary from cute little one to beautiful filled up bridal one.

Fingers Mehndi Ideas

Well, we already told you there’s a design for every kind of likeness people have for the mehndi. If you want a relatively more small and less design on your hand.

You can go for some beautiful finger mehndi designs. Finger mehndi designs are adorable to look at. They are small but beautiful. And gives you a more attractive and gorgeous look.

Finger mehndi design images are so beautiful yet less space taken that you can go for it for any kind of your event. They are the coolest type of mehndi designs out there.

Feet designs:

Well, If you really are a true mehndi lover. You will definitely love some beautiful and adorable Mehndi designs for your feet. Which definitely gives you a more beautiful and gorgeous look on your special event.

There are thousands of more Mehndi designs you can go for. And you’ll never get bored from it. A mehndi design for each day.

10 Best Mehndi Brands for Bride Hands in Pakistan

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