10 Best Wedding Dress Colors for Pakistani Dresses

10 Best Wedding Dress Colors for Pakistani Dresses
10 Best Wedding Dress Colors for Pakistani Dresses

Pakistan has been popular for its most beautiful culture. Weddings are one of the cultures in Pakistan. They are the most happening occasions in Pakistan. The hype is so high that the preparations are started months before. From the wedding hall to dance practice, everything should be to the point.

Shiny Kurti Lehenga Barat Dress for Bride
Shiny Kurti Lehenga Barat Dress for Bride

On this special day everyone wants to look perfect, especially our brides. Fashion has given a vast range of styles that are adopted by our brides to rock in their dresses. Designers choose numerous colors and every color has its charm. Some of the best picked up colors are discussed below.

Contrast colors

With the change in fashion, people are open to experimenting in unique ways. The Pakistani fashion industry has always encouraged new trends. Pakistani Brides do not hesitate to try new things. Contrast colors are also chosen in wedding themes. Some of the famous contrast colors chosen by the brides are:

Green and orange bridal dress design
Green and orange bridal dress design

Green and orange

Pakistan has the best designers that are recognized internationally. Whatever fashion trend they set, it will get famous. Greens and oranges are the best combinations for

Purple and red

Red as the major wedding color when combined with dark purple, surely the jaws will drop down when you will walk in this combination of colors.

Blue and green

Light blue and light green can go well when you are wearing a short blue color shirt with green lehenga.

Red and golden

Red again can be used in many colors. Being dark it has the quality to mix with other colors. Even red shades can be applied as maroon or blood red.

Red and golden barat dress bridal design 2020
Red and golden barat dress bridal design 2020

Monochrome colors

Colors that are not combined with other colors give you the most decent looks. Back in 90’s monochrome designs were a new fashion trend. Slowly the fashion trends got changed and it was no longer considered fashionable wearing monochrome colors. As fashion repeats its trends, monochrome is back with hot colors. Bridal chooses to wear monochrome colors to set the fashion industry and take a risk that has never been failed. Some of the best colors are below


Red has always been the favorite color when it comes to weddings. Red can be considered the traditional wedding color for brides as it is so bright and strong it gives the bold personality to any bride wearing it.

Tea pink

Another very cool has taken it slot in the Pakistani wedding colors theme. Tea pink has been in trend since 2018. Along with the light color embroidery.

Shades of grey

Grey is the color that neutralizes all the other colors. But when it’s not combined with another color, it changes the dynamics. It gives your figure a good shape which is a must for any bride. Grey has many shades that are being used nowadays. Light greys are encouraged more.

Royal blue

Winter Blue dress for Pakistani & Indian Bride

Royal blue velvet dress is the best option for winter weddings. It will keep you warm and you would look gorgeous because blue is the color of royals.


Light colors are best worn in summers. They give a very light-headed feeling.


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