Best Pakistani & Indian Latest Mehndi Dresses Design Ideas


A wedding day is a day of great importance to every woman. To make a wedding dress the wedding dress should be perfect. Weddings in Asia entail three main functions mehndi, Barat and walima.

Bright Color Latest Indian & Pakistani Mehndi Dress Designs 2019 – 2020

Mehndi dresses could be of any style and colors but most women like to wear bright colored mehndi dresses on their big day. Most of the mehndi dresses are multi-shaded and trendy but they contain too much heavy detailing.

Moreover, brides also like to color the total green mehndi dress on their mehndi.

There is nowadays a trend of mixed shady colors which is liked by almost everyone and they look attractive as well. The mehndi dress designs don’t always remain the same and it has kept on changing since time.

Traditional Mehndi Dress Ideas Pakistani & Indian

The traditional mehndi dress was of yellow or green color containing gotta detailings on it but now the trends are changed. Now there is a trend of multi-shaded and embroidered mehndi dresses.                                                              {For more: Style & Fashion}

Embroided Mehndi Dress Designs Latest

This embroidery contains zari, and gota mainly. Other than this, there could be various designs of mehndi wear for women including

  • Lehnga

Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi DressesBest Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

  • Pashwas 2021

Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

  • Frock

Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi DressesBest Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

  • Sharara for Mehndi

Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

These above mentioned are some commonly liked and worn mehndi dresses which are loved by almost every women.

Multi-shaded Mehndi Colored Trendy Dress 2021

Style and beauty is everything which matters for a mehndi bridal to make her look perfect and beautiful. These two-three factors are everything which a woman searches in her mehndi dress and she selects the dress in which she finds these two components together.

The time has changed and this change in time has changed the fashion and style trends too.

Mehndi dresses could be of any style and hues yet most women like to wear splendid shaded mehndi dresses on their huge day. Most of the mehndi dresses are multi-concealed and popular yet they contain an excessive amount of overwhelming itemizing.

There was a time when green and yellow were considered to be the mehndi colors and no bridal could ever think of wearing any other color than these.

But due to the changing trend, there are now a variety of colors, styles, and designs in the mehndi dresses.

Moreover, you can select a design then customize it according to your taste.

Mehndi dress is not only a dress yet it is a memory which you are going to miss after your wedding. So it should be attractive and beautiful.

A mehndi dress with lots of shades and colors is something new in the trend and people are liking it more than any other design.

Other than the color range, there is a range of cloth and fabric stuff too. In the old times, a plain fabric was used for mehndi dress but now there is a wide range of stuff and fabrics according to the changing weather and fashion needs.

Select The Beautiful Mehndi Dress For You Day on Wedding

While you are going to select a mehndi dress for you, you need to take care of the following mentioned things:

  • Comfort is the main thing that needs to take care of while you are selecting your mehndi dress. When you are at the stage, there are a lot more things to trouble you and this is why you should select a dress you are comfortable in so that you can enjoy your event
  • Dress according to your personality. Select what suits you rather than what you like.

 Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

 Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

 Best Pakistani & Indian Mehndi Dresses

Best color combinations for your mehndi dress

Bridal mehndi dress is a dress that needs to be full of glamour and beauty. Mehndi is one of the most critical events in all the wedding events, and this is why the mehndi dress needs to be different and unique from all the other wedding events. This dress is always colorful and full of amazing details.

This dress explains the feelings of the girl on her big day. Usually, the bridal mehndi dresses are full of stones, embellishments, and opulent embroidery. Adding the touch of contrasting colors would make your dress look amazing. Yellow is the most loved color by the bridals for their mehndi dresses. You can select some color combinations too to make your mehndi dress look perfect.

The latest color combination trends nowadays include green, orange, pistachio, lime yellow, mustard, ferozi, and fawn. You can wear these colors individually or try having their combinations which would look well.

All these are lovely shades for you to add a beautiful touch in your mehndi dress. You can wear any of the styles in any of the mentioned colors. Color combination adds profuse and delight to your mehndi dress. You can either make dress parts in different colors like a shirt, lehnga and dupatta all in three different colors.

Best offbeat bridal mehndi dresses 2021


Floral embroidery dress

If you don’t want to wear too much fancy dress in your mehndi, you can try wearing a floral embroidered dress that’d be a perfect and straightforward option.

Deep blue Floral embroidery dress
Deep blue Floral embroidery dress

This deep blue floral mehndi dress is a classic dress with a ruffled neckline to provide you a classy look on your big day.


Anarkali lehenga

This Anarkali lehenga is a combination of Indian western dress designs having a lehnga in base with an Anarkali gown which is the perfect dress for your mehndi. This bright yellow color, combined with a shocking pink shade makes a perfect dress for your mehndi.


Anarkali lehenga
Anarkali lehenga

Gown and cape jacket

This dress is something different from a trendy mehndi dress best for the bridals who want to wear something unique on their big day.

Gown and cape jacket for mehndi
Gown and cape jacket for mehndi

This Anarkali gown dress with a cape jacket is everything you’ll love to wear on your mehndi. This dress is a perfect combination of elegance and style when you wear your looking so beautiful. The buta work along with silk fabric makes the dress look royal and classy.


Lehriya Anarkali- Mehandi Dress

Lehriya is a Rajasthani print art that’s famous around the world for its flowy and soft fabric with beautiful embellishments. This green color dress perfectly suits a mehndi theme and will provide you all the compliments and the attention you deserve.

Anarkali Mehndi Dress Design
Anarkali Mehndi Dress Design

Bridal chunri dresses

Chunri is one of the most trending dresses but not common as a mehndi dress. This colorful dress with the handicrafts from Gujrat and Rajasthan is undoubtedly going to be a perfect mehndi dress for you to catch the attention of everyone.

Mehndi green colored chunri dresses
Mehndi green colored chunri dresses

You can select any of the dresses for your mehndi event based on your level of comfort with the dress.

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