Best & Favorite Bridal Hairstyle 2019 Ideas For Women


Wedding is a unique and special occasion for both the bride and groom. They both try to look as pretty and handsome as they can.

Women, particularly, are very much concerned regarding minute details of their wedding.

From the Barat dress to the Pakistani bridal Hairstyle, heels, and jewelry, of course, they want everything to be perfect on their main event.

All brides take an appointment of their favorite and available beauty parlor for their bridal makeup and Hairstule which also constitutes other services such as hairstyles.

Bridal Hairstyle Ideas 2019

There are many different and beautiful bridal hairstyles that are applied to the brides on their wedding days.

Brides make sure that they look astounding on this event of theirs, and their hairstyle should look as perfect as it can be. Following are some of the best hairstyles for brides.

  1. Twisted Side swept hairstyle Pakistani Bridal Hairstyle For Round face:

One of the best and favorite hairstyles of women for their wedding event is twisted side swept hairstyle.

This look gives more elegance to the bride and is rather comfier. It looks nice and definitely very stylish.

Jhumar Pakistani & Indian Brides Hairstyle

The bride wears a ‘jhumar’ on the opposite side of the twisted hair that adds to the beauty of the whole appearance of the bride. Moreover, various hair accessories can be put on the twisted hair such as flowers, or colorful pins, etc. However, they shouldn’t be used excessively.

  1. Long Curly Bridal Hairstyles:

Long hairs are must for this gorgeous hairstyle. Many brides who don’t have long hair also take the option of hair extension for applying the hairstyle they want.


Curls can be made prettier by putting some hair accessories such as pearls or flowers. Many brides bring the curls forward as they have dupatta on their head.

3. Bun Hairstyles for Eastern Brides for Round Face:

This is also one of the most elegant looking hairstyles many brides have on their wedding day. The look is made prettier by having a beautiful flower on one side of the bun. The bun must be a bit loose but perfect. The front is done by twisting or braid. Again, hair accessories like pearls make the hairstyle look prettier.

4. Bun with a Puff Bridal Hairstyle 2019 2020:

One of the simplest but beautiful hairstyles that many brides choose for their wedding day is the bun with a puff at the front.

This hairstyle goes with the Tikka that the brides wear. The dupatta is adjusted a bit low where the puff ends.

5. Puffs at Both Sides Barat Bridal Hairstyle:

Another hairstyle that best complements the Tikka is the two-sided puffs. Hair at the back can either be set loose or can be made into a bun. Both looks give a gorgeous outlook to the bride.

The above mentioned bridal hairstyles along with many others make a bride’s day special as she desires to look the prettiest on her special day.

Though the dress and the jewelry are also important, the hairstyle changes the whole appearance and gives a special look to the bride.

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