Fashionable Eid Dresses Latest Collection Men and Women 2019 2020


Eid is one of those events in which every citizen whether it be male or female gets excited about various reasons.

One of the basic trends on Eid is going on a full out shopping spree to look out and search for the best outfits that one can wear on Eid so they can stand out.

Eid dresses for male and female which are trendy and especially those which are in fashion!

Although the problem that commonly arises is that there are various fashions and trends coming out within the span of a few months and it may get a bit difficult to keep up with each and every fashion trend.

But we can help out with that! We will help you out on keeping up with the latest fashionable Eid dresses Pakistani 2019. So let’s get into it by jumping into the fashion wagon!

Eid Dresses for Men

Eid is the one event in which every male may it be a small kid or a grown-up man look dashing in the Eid outfits, especially because most prefer wearing shalwar kameez on Eid. So the latest trend for males in fashion is as follows:


  1. A classic dyed dobby kurta has lately been in the trends for males which is made of:
  • Material: premium yarn which is dyed
  • Fabric: Dobby chambray
  • The dobby kurta can be styled with a double cuff collar or a cut collar.
  1. Another option is the classic cotton shalwar kameez which has long been in trend and never goes out of fashion!


The bottom can be matched with a plain silk cotton shalwar along with the dobby kurta.


The look can be fully completed with a Mens Peshawari Chapal.
Latest Fashionable Eid Dresses Male and Female

Eid Dresses for Women 2019

In the case of females, they have various options to choose from and options that include more style and color in their outfits. Most of the female fashion of 2019 has gone back to the previous fashion of long-sized kameez or kurtas which include the work of embroidery on them.

Their options include:

Cotton Eid Dress Collection Pakistani

A zari fabric is a fabric which has a special thread known as zari or jari which is traditional and is made of fine silver or gold. It is used in traditional Pakistani garments. This type of thread is woven into the fabrics and creates complex patterns

Embroided Indian & Pakistani Eid Dress 2019 2020

A Doria fabric is a cotton fabric which is famous for its distinctive weaving style which makes the feel of the fabric light and translucent.


Embroidered Jacquard Suit for Girls

The jacquard fabric is a textured fabric which has patterns woven onto them rather than it being printed on the fabric. The jacquard fabric has a pattern design which is raised and its patterns may include animal patterns or floral patterns of paisleys, damasks, etc.

Dobby Suit Eid Formal Wear

A Dobby is a type of fabric which is also a woven fabric and which is famous for the small geometric patterns that it has. The dobby fabric is also known for being textured along with having some weaves onto it.

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