Top 10 Best Bridal Mehndi Sharara Designs to Wear in 2019 2020

Models displaying sharara designs
Top 10 Best Bridal Mehndi Sharara Designs to Wear in 2019 2020

Sharara is among one of the traditional attires worn very commonly by females in the South Asian communities. It is a part of Best Pakistani & Indian Latest Mehndi Dresses Design Ideas 2019 2020.

A sharara is a part of the attire which consists of a pair of loose pleated trousers worn by women from mainly South Asia, typically worn with a dupatta and a kameez.

Sharara’s have been a long-time trend and continues to be on the rise nowadays combined with a novel and creative designs mixed into it. Especially on events like mehndi in which wearing a sharara is a classic attire to blend in well with the embryonic culture and flabbergasting colors of the jubilant event.

So let’s get started with the different sharara designs you can wear to the next mehndi event; which are suitable in both cases whether it is your mehndi or someone else’s!

Red & Orange Bridal Sharara

red and orange sharara
red and orange sharara

Starting off with a prodigious blend of colors between red and orange, this is a sharara which has fine detailing on the kameez and a classic design of keeping the sharara and dupatta in a plain but rustic orange color.

Both colors contrast with each other in a way which compliments both the dark shades of red and orange.

Green Elegant Sharara for Desi Events 2019 2020

Woman wearing Traditional green sharara design
Traditional green sharara design

At a mehndi event, one of the colors falling more towards the traditional side is green, which is generally known to be associated with mehndi along with a few other colors in the South-Asian wedding cultures.

This is a simple but sleek sharara suit design with only a hint of embroidery on both ends of the kameez giving off a minimal look.

Shocking Pink Glitzy Indian Sharara

Bride wearing pink glitzy embroidery sharara
pink glitzy embroidery sharara

Here is all pink glitzy attire with the main focus of embroidery towards the end which is taking over most of the look combined with the intricate patterns of the kameez.

Sky blue sharara suits with long kameez

Model wearing Sky blue designer sharara
Sky blue designer sharara

This best designer sharara is going towards more of an out-there look. This sharara designs with long shirts suggests glam from head to toe, from the elaborate design patterns on the sharara to the sky blue all patterned sharara suits with long kameez and knottily designed dupatta.

All of which is hitting both the dark and light color combination giving off an edgy yet subtle look.

Orange designer sharara suits

model waling in orange mehndi dress
orange mehndi dress

Another one of the colors associated to a mehndi function is orange. This attire has its entire focus towards the floral pattern on the Pakistani and Indian sharara while keeping very minimal and light details on towards the kameez and dupatta.

Tea Pink Sharara for Day Time Mehndi Event

Girl posing in tea pink mehndi attire
tea pink mehndi attire

This tea pink attire is the perfect mix of the modern style trends while keeping a hint of touch towards the embryonic design of a western sharara dresses. This outfit has minimal details on its dupatta, whereas both the kameez and the sharara have flabbergasting detailing on them which makes up an eye-catching look altogether.

Dark Maroon Sharara Kameez and Dupatta

dark maroon sharara kameez and dupatta
Dark maroon sharara kameez and dupatta

This entire outfit screams simplicity while maintaining a modest and decent look. In simple words, it is a simple package but with a whole lot of deal to offer. The dark maroon Indian sharara kameez and dupatta all point towards a more mature and sophisticated look!

Mehndi Themes Sharara Design For Brides 2019 2020

Girl Wearing Mehndi Theme Sharara
Mehndi Theme Sharara

This sharara dress is one which sets fit for you if you are looking for a sharara which is easy to carry in a hefty mehndi event. The dark green matches the mehndi theme but also gives off a nice contrast with the floral patterns towards the end of the new sharara design images.

Pakistani Modest Sharara Design

Modest Mehndi Sharara
Modest Mehndi Sharara

These Pakistani sharara sets fit for those females you are looking to not have too much weight diverted towards the end but also want to stick with modest and simple attire.

This sharara is for those females who wish to have a sharara which falls heavy towards the end and all parts of the attire mix up well with the entire look. This is a sheek design with a very nimble and subtle color of peachy-pink!

What is the difference between Sharara and Gharara

Sharara is a pair of loose trousers. They are wide and brides wear it with kurti. Whereas Gharara is worn with short kurti and a dupatta. This is the basic difference in both.

How to stitch sharara

In Pakistan & India, it is mostly done by a professional tailor. He is known as bridal “Darzi” and is a professional person who stitches bridal dresses like Sharara.

What are the most common Mehndi Outfits

Multi-colored charming dresses like Lehnga, Sharara & Gharara. These are southeastern dresses worn on Desi events.

How to cut sharara

Banarsi Gharara and Sharara requires professional skills to cut. There are many video guides available on YouTube for cutting sharara.

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