Hot Favorite Eid and Party Makeup Tips of 2020


Let’s face it, there is hardly anyone alive who would consider not getting their bling on a festival or party.

Every woman especially may get different skin treatments to outshine when all the relatives will be gathering up for the auspicious occasion.

However. In the game of outshining others and looking your best, you would need to maintain a boundary because the type of look that you are aiming for here is something in the middle of glam and subtle everyday make-up.

That is what it is about the Eid or a party. You do not want to overdo and look like you are attending your own wedding.

Your makeup look also needs to be kept super functional because it will be staying on for the whole day, in the case of Eid especially.

However, need not worry because here we have enlisted a few of the most amazing makeup tricks to help you keep your glam on for the rest of the day.

Keep it low on the Base

Regardless of being one of the most important part of makeup application, base is something that needs to have a light coat on your natural skin, and if you plan to keep it on for the whole day, you need to make sure it is breathable to avoid any outbreaks.

Also, use a natural base rather than a full coverage one, to keep the look more subtle and natural.

Natural Contour for Eid

Contour may be one of the best parts about makeup because it helps to enhance your facial bones and provide more definition to your face, but a neat and light contour is the key to a more natural look.

A well-blended cheekbone contour with a slight help on the nose should do just fine.

Perfect Blush and Highlighter for Eid Makeup 2020

Other than the perfect pink, there are more shades of blush we may or may not have asked for. However, your queue for the party and Eid makeup is to stick to the perfect pink one that looks natural with your skin tone to further enhance your perfect natural attire.

Highlighters are one thing people cannot get enough of, but you need to lay on that too. a little on top of the cheekbones, on the tip of that nose and a hint on top of the lips, shall keep you going.

The Eye-Makeup for Eid 2020 2021

Makeup is incomplete without an eye-makeup. Although there are 101 ways to pull this off but the trick to stick to your look is by opting for a subtle, warm and soft eye-look.

Ignore the urge to make a cut-crease and indulging yourself into a full glam face over, instead try going for warm pinks and browns with little or no shimmer at all.

An eye-liner is a must but in this case, you are at the liberty to pull one or not, and if you do plan on doing so, try a thin one.

Mascara is the key to the perfect eye-look. Heavy mascara on would strip you off of your desire to put on falsies, which you do not want for these functions.


Lips are the one part where hardly anyone goes wrong. You may go for nudes here, bright shade or even play around with ombre color. Play along with your look.

To put a seal on this glamorous yet elegant soft look with the help of a setting spray and you are good to go.

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