Latest Pakistani Fashion in Trend for 2020

Pakistani Bridal Fashion Show
Pakistani Bridal Fashion Show

Pakistan has been known for its fashion industry for a long time. A new changing trend of fashion has caught many eyes from out of the country. The fashion industry has played a major rule in the recognition of Pakistan abroad.

Fashion is your cultural trademark that represents your country’s living hood. How people in your country are following trends and adapting to fashion.

When we talk about fashion first thing that comes in mind is clothes. It’s due to the nature of fashion that mostly comes in dressing sense. The trends are set before any season or year comes.

Every year has a changed fashion style. For 2020 Pakistan fashion industry has set up new goals which discussed below


Talking about fashion, clothes are the first option in fashion trends. Pakistan has one of the unique styles of clothing.

Pakistani designer Clothes
Pakistani designer Clothes

Designers have always shown our culture through fashion. This includes shalwar kameez.

Our shalwar kameez styles have come a long way and changed a lot. Shalwars have turned into straight pants or culottes trousers. Some are shown below

Monochrome designs

Monochrome is going to be trending in 2020 fashion. Mono means one which is like wearing the same print as your whole suite. This fashion is followed by very old times. You must have seen your grandmothers wearing the same prints of shalwar kameez.

Monochrome designs

After all, fashion is evolving and we adopt from our old fashion.  Monochrome can be in the same color or prints. It gives equality to your fashion and makes it even.

Trending Footwear

Footwear is the main thing that adds uniqueness to our personality. From flat footwear to stiletto heels, fashion has called every trend in footwear. 2020 we are going to see a lot of block heels. These block heels are adding comfort and style to our fashion needs.

Who doesn’t want a comfortable fashion? One thing can’t be changed even if its 2o3o fashion and that is our traditional khussa wear.

traditional khussa wear
traditional khussa wear

Khussa has always been female favorites to pick. Handmade khussa are still being made in different parts of Pakistan and are always in high demand.


Hairstyle completes your fashion look. It adds final touches to your style. With changing trends short hair is the new trend. Short hairstyles have many varieties.

Bridal hairstyle posing

You don’t stick to shoulder-length short hair but you can go even bob hairstyle length which is the most favorite style of today’s female.

It has been inspired by western women. Along with short, new changed styles like layers or graduation cut are also demanded by the clients

Bags and Clutches

Last but not least. Handbags cannot be forgotten. Handbags have been verified by their size. Old big handbags are a big no in 2020.

Decent Bridal Clutches

All in one small cute bag are a big yes. Which are easy to carry. Clutches are also part of bags. But they are usually carried around to put in cash or Mobile.

Fashion is the friendliest thing to anyone. It will never ditch you no matter how old it gets, it will come again and make you flaunt in it.


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