Top Favorite Mehndi Dresses by Pakistani designers

Best Mehndi Dress Designers in Pakistan
Best Mehndi Dress Designers in Pakistan

Pakistan has always been famous for its culture and traditions. Our cultures love to celebrate weddings. Our weddings are the most awaited occasions in any family of Pakistan. The three-day wedding plan which includes mehndi or Mayon, Barat, and walima.

Mehndi has been considered the most happening day because it has all the fun elements from dancing to different rasams everything adds joy to this day. We will tell you about some of the famous mehndi dresses by Pakistani designers.


Embroidery is a must factor in any bridal dress. Without it, it’s not a wedding dress at all. Our fashion industry has a well-known artist who loves traditional embroidery.

Mehndi Dress by Nomi Ansari
Mehndi Dress by Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari is famous for his traditional designs in bridal wear. He has been part of a bridal couture week. His designs and colors are suitable for Mehendi day bride.


Lehenga and sharara outfit

Mehendi is a function where the bride wants to flaunt at every angle. The most important is color. Which has evolved allot? From green to yellow, pinks, and oranges to purples and blues. Yet a vast combination has been used by our mehndi brides. Our Pakistani designers are not only famous for casual designs.

Maria B

But they have tremendously worked in wedding dresses. Maria b designs heavy embroidery lehengas and ghararas for mehndi bride. Taking embroidery to the next higher level with elegant looks makes it a perfect Pakistani bride look.

Matha Patti

Dresses look more beautiful with signature jewelry. Matha Patti has been used for ages. It has been in fashion again. The jewelry sets in the hairstyle on front. The dupatta is set accordingly.

Musk by moazzam and mahnoor

Musk by moazzam and mahnoor

Generally, when we speak about designers, our mindsets to higher rates. Usually, this is the case, but our rapidly growing industry has overcome any hurdle for their clients. This brand is affordable and yet beautifully designed of any local person wishes for the designer dress they can easily rely on them


Pakistani Bridal Dress Design Mehdi

Mehdi has always been in bridal designing from the start of his career. And has made it so far till now. That he has discovered new ways and trendy colors in bridal designing. The bold colors justify his hard work in every collection he has ever made

Cloths material

Our brides love to try different materials in cloths. From velvet to chiffon and silk. Just like our famous artist, HSY. Who has always preferred different clothes material?HSY has stunned everyone by his latest bridal collection.

Pakistani Bridal Dress Designer HSY
Pakistani Bridal DressDesigner HSY

The use of different cuts and cloth material makes it more unique and delicate for any bride to flaunt it all well. He has a marvelous collection of silver and gold with beautiful work on bridal dresses.


It’s hard to select a dress on your big day as it is a lot of pressure, but our designer has made it easy for every bride. Designers like asim jofa, teena durani, and many more have a vast collection of bridal wear.

Bridal Wear by Asim Jofa
Bridal Wear by Asim Jofa

It makes it easy for our brides to handle the pressure because our designers take the lead for them on their big day

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