Early Coronavirus symptoms in April 2020

Early Coronavirus symptoms in April 2020

Early Coronavirus symptoms in April 2020

Back in December 2019, the first case of Corona was reported in Wuhan, the city of China. It escalated in the whole region real quick because no one at the time was aware of its causes, symptoms, and precautions. It is a virus that is spreading worldwide as each day thousands of new cases of Coronavirus are reported from various regions of the world. It is killing the human population in a very drastic range, while some people are still in their process of recovery yet making it unpredictable if they will recover or not.

Coronavirus –A drastic change in human life

This deadly virus has forced the population of the whole world to stay at their houses because the governments have ordered complete lockdowns in all economic and industrial sectors. The quarantine period is indeed affecting the lifestyles of people, most of it is affecting the system of one’s earning bread and butter for family. The purpose of the imposed lockdown in the whole world is for the safety of people as the virus spreads very quickly by contact and the droplets released by sneezing or cough. Nobody has the power to think over every little detail when it comes to prevention from this virus and germs which is why more and more cases of COVID-19 are being reported each day.

Corona-virus us, US, coronavirus affect

Lack of Covid-19 awareness

A large portion of people is becoming the victim of this virus is because they have not much awareness of how it spreads and not many people know about its symptoms. Though federation or country is working their best to make their people aware of all the early coronavirus symptoms. Basically, the symptoms start to develop after thirteen to fourteen days of illness or fever, which most of the people misinterpret as cold or normal fever. But after the long fever the signs of Covid-19 starts to appear one after one in a case the person has been victimized to this virus.

Hand wash proper to aviod coronavirus

Dry cough

The most common signs of coronavirus includes cough without any mucus discharge while sneezing which creates a painful sensation inside throat making it difficult for patient to breathe properly. Most of the people start panicking even when they start to cough these days, but it is not harmful. The kind of cough which really needs medical attention in current times is dry cough.

Dry Cough symptoms of coronaviurs

Cramps in whole body

Because of the severe fever, the patient feel pain in every part of the body. As the virus makes the immune system of people more vulnerable, the intensity of pain increases in whole body.

Cramps in whole body coronavirus

Nasal blockage

You might experience nasal congestion as a coronavirus symptom, in a situation if you catch up the virus to your body. Though the all the sign don’t appear too quick but after fever of a few days the runny nose or blockage indicates a serious health infection which could be Coronavirus if you’re exposed to the virus.

Nasal CoronviursHard to breath

People who already are suffering from any other medical issue such as diabetes, asthma or any heart problem experience severe signs of coronavirus when they are infected.

breath heard symptoms of coronavirus

When to consult a doctor?

If you experience all the coronavirus symptoms with feeling kind of a pressure on your chest then you must hurry and visit doctor. In many cases some of the symptoms including runny nose and problem in breathing doesn’t show up but you may experience your lips turning bluish which is a very serious sign of virus. Hence, it is better not to go out of your homes unnecessarily and keep social distancing from people in order to stay safe and sound.

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