What are associated diseases with Coronavirus?


This social virus has devastated the entire world. People have lost their loved ones. The first case of the deadly coronavirus was found in Wuhan. It spread to other countries from China. It is a very severe virus that has caused many deaths all over the world. It transfers from person to person on being touched. However, it is said that old people have more chances of getting exposed to the virus because of a weak immune system. Also people who already have diabetes or other diseases have increased chances of getting infected. This doesn’t mean younger people don’t test positive for coronavirus. COVID-19 has shattered the world, isolated everyone and left the world as a quiet place. People are advised to stay inside and there is a complete lockdown all over the world. China being a super power has fought too well against the virus. They are now free from it because their people took all the precautionary measures and stayed inside their homes. The world is still struggling to get rid of virus and the coronavirus diseases.

Associated diseases

Major Coronavirus diseases are SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), flu, and other respiratory problems. People tested positive for coronavirus experience flu, which leads to a headache, pain in neck, and breathing problems. Other than that in some cases it can also cause pneumonia or organ failure as well. Doctors suggest that people should keep a distance from others because no one knows who’s infected. The transfer of COVID-19 is because of the respiratory droplets that are exposed to the air when a coronavirus positive person sneezes. It is advised to sanitize your hands after every 20 minutes. Don’t touch your face or nose. Keep a hand wash because soap can lead to transfer of germs.

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Italy has lost many of its citizens due to the coronavirus. The virus has reached more than 6000 deaths in USA. After being infected, symptoms can be seen in a person for 14 days. The symptoms include a mild fever, coughing or sneezing. One of its major symptom is flu. Sore throat, headache or difficulty in breathing are all associated to the virus. People who experience at least 2 of these symptoms should go for a test. However, always wear N 95 mask and gloves even if you are going to the hospital so that nobody gets infected. The deadly virus has caused so many deaths in every country of the world. Somehow, many cases have been recovered as well. In USA, the number of people recovered from coronavirus are 10,403. If anybody gets infected, he should not lose hope that he will die. He just needs to take all the safety measures. Social distancing and isolation from the outside world is one way you can protect yourself from the virus. The other way is to sanitize your hands from time to time.

Corona Virus, Corona virus disease

Advised safety measures

  1. Avoid close contact with any individual to avoid transfer of germs.
  2. Stay inside your home and avoid going out till there is a lockdown.
  3. If there is an emergency and you have to go out, cover yourself properly. Don’t leave any part of your body directly exposed. Wear your N 95 mask and gloves, then go out.
  4. Don’t shake your hands with anybody till this hour of isolation is over.
  5. The virus stays inside a person’s body for 14 days after getting infected. No one knows till that 14 days that someone is infected. Therefore, it is advised to stay inside away from people.
  6. Look at the proper hand wash method on the internet and then wash your hands.

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