Know the significant details about Corona Virus

How to we can avoid to COVID-19

The outbreak of the new virus which has become a pandemic is due to coronavirus. This virus is also called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-COV-2). This has become the outbreak of the virus which began in China in 2019. This disease is also called as coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


This virus can be spread by close contact and from person to person. It is spread by the droplets of the respiratory tract when the infected person sneezes or coughs. This is not clear how contagious this virus is yet. Cases of COVID-19 have been rapidly increasing and reported in many countries including the U.S. It has become a global pandemic in March 2020. All the public health groups along with the world health organization and centers of disease treatment and control in the U.S. are monitoring the present situation of the world and post about the control, treatment and preventive measures related to it on their websites.

Corona Virus, Corona virus disease


Recently, there is no vaccine or proper treatment discovered for COVID-19 but there so many preventive measures that can be taken against this deadly virus. Many researchers are working on the production of vaccines against this. Even anti-viral are also not recommended against COVID-19.

CoronaVirus TREATED, Coronavirus

What are the preventive measures taken against COVID-19?

The following are the preventive measures that can be taken and advised by the doctors to be careful against this life-threatening virus. These preventive measures are recommended by the CDC and WHO to avoid this virus.

  1. You should avoid and do not attend large gatherings and crowded areas as they have a higher chance of close contact among individuals which also increases the risk of getting affected by COVID-19.
  2. You should also avoid close contact with the people who are sick or have some symptoms.
  3. You should also maintain a distance from others if COVID-19 is spreading in your community, you should avoid if you have a higher risk of getting the disease.
  4. You should also keep a distance from others of about 6 feet.
  5. It is also directed to wash your hands with soap and hand wash for about 20 minutes. As soap has the ability to dissolve the outer covering of the virus and makes it inactive.
  6. You can also sanitize your hands with some sanitizer which contains at least 60% of alcohol content in it.
  7. You should also cover your face with the elbow or some tissue paper while coughing or sneezing. Also, throw away the used tissue paper in the bin away from any contact.
  8. You should not touch your face often with the unclean hands. Avoid rubbing your nose or mouth with your hands.
  9. You should also clean and disinfect the surface you use to touch often.
  10. One important thing is to wear a mask when going out or even in the home if you have flu or cough. N 95 masks are highly recommended as it gives protection against airborne contaminants.

World health organization also introduced some key points to avoid this deadly virus. These points are given below:

  1. Avoid eating junk food or food from outside. Also, one should not eat partially cooked food or organs of different animals.
  2. If your living in an area where the number of cases increases day after day then avoid going to the markets and avoid the contact even with the animals in those areas.
  3. If you are facing the symptoms, immediately contact your doctor. It is also recommended to self-isolate if you are having any symptoms and stop contacting anyone.

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