How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles on Skin

How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles on Skin

How to Get Rid Of Dark Circles on Skin

Dark circles are a very mainstream topic for every man and woman as it does choose a particular gender before occurring on the skin under the eyes. People always find ways to get rid of them because these dark circles have a great impact on their personalities as it makes people look older, tired than they are. It is okay to hate them because it makes your face look dull and tired.

Causes of dark circles

Causes of dark circles

It is caused by a number of reasons such as lack of proper diet and sleep for which you need to work on it. Other than there are other causes which make these dark circles below your eyes which include dehydration, more exposure to the sun, or it may occur because of your family medical history which indicates that it is in your genes.

Oversleeping and Lack of sleep:

• Oversleeping and Lack of sleep

Either if you overslept or you suffer from Insomnia, in both cases dark circles start to appear under your eyes. This is because of the disturbed or irregular sleeping patterns which makes the human skin pale and a bit dull which is why the blood vessels and dark tissues under the layer of your skin starts to appear. Other than dark circles the abnormality in sleeping routines also causes fatigue, however it is always advised to set a proper routine and get sleep of a maximum eight hours every night.

How to get rid of it by home remedies?

Most of the people try out some home based remedies to get it off from their face as its treatment depends on a fundamental cause. The most common remedies used for its treatment include;

1: Soak eyes with teabags


Soak eyes with teabags

Tea helps in the stimulation of blood circulation as it contains caffeine and other important antioxidants which are beneficial to us. These antioxidants start reducing the blocked liquid under the layer of our skin by shrinking your blood vessels. So when you soak tea bags on your eyes you will observe your dark circles fading away. And for this you have to follow a simple procedure which requires one of two teabags to be soaked in hot water for a few minutes. Leave the teabags for fifteen to twenty minutes in your refrigerator. After it soak your eyes with the cold teabags for twenty minutes and then wash your face with normal water.

2: Camouflage dark circles

Camouflage dark circles


If you have no idea of how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes then you might conceal them and hide them for some time, by using makeup and cosmetics. It requires some good makeup skills as you have to blend the perfect shade on that part to hide them. Conceal it with the shade that matches the tone of your normal skin. But you need to choose proper cosmetic products or else the cheap products will affect your skin and worsen the case.

  • Medical treatment for dark circles

If any of the home remedies fail to treat dark circles then you must consult a medical advice by your dermatologist as he will guide you better on this. A thousands of people use medical treatments to make them appear less. You can use all the available treatments that includes synthetic products to reduce the dark appearance of tissues under your skin.

Medical treatment for dark circles

  • You can also go through surgical implants and can use chemical peels in order to reduce the fading and pigmentation of your skin.
  • Use of some tropical tubes and creams can be helpful for the reduction of pigmented skin. Most of the doctors prescribe hydroquinone for treating dark circles.

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Want to Get Rid of Dark Circles?

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